These rules are in place to help all members enjoy the game and should be followed at all times. It is YOUR job to make sure you are clear on the rules and the consequences of not adhering to them. Issues regarding the rules can be taken up with the game staff of Empress Min or Nero at anytime but please note that all staff decisions are final.

Rules of play
  1. Do not impersonate ANY member of game staff or any other player.
  2. Only one account per person - anyone found using multiple accounts (or farming accounts) will face jailing, deletion and possible IP ban.
  3. If there are going to be multiple account on the same IP (such as siblings. parents, school computer users, spouses, etc) you MUST get approval from one of the Legates - Romulus, devilgunner, stig, Aztec or Python - BEFORE the additional account(s) will be allowed to play. Also, you may NOT refer (for a referral bonus) anyone who is on your same IP. Additionally, there is to be no attacking others on your same IP nor sharing any resources, ie selling to each other through the markets.
  4. If you find a bug and fail to report it, or if you use the bug before you report it, you will be jailed and any gains gotten from using that bug will be taken from you. It is to your benefit to report bugs as soon as you discover them. BUGS occur during normal, regular game play - any other "bugs" found by using any other means will be considered hacking and will be handled according to Rule 6.
  5. No words (or symbols or otherwise) deemed inappropriate by the staff are to be used anywhere in the game - including messages, chat and usernames. This includes, but is not limited to, swearing, sexist, racist, vulgar or abusive language. Such determinations of what is inappropriate will be made by the GAME STAFF or The Empress or Nero.
  6. ANY type of hacking is PROHIBITED. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the text in the address bar or any other type of code manipulation. Anyone found hacking will face jailing, and possible deletion and IP ban.
  7. NO "Chain killing"!! Chain killing consists of attacking and killing the same person more than once every two hours. As the game is coded to prevent you from doing this, any attempts to circumvent that will not only be considered a violation of this rule, but of rule 6 as well.
  8. There is NO playing of other user's characters or logging into other user's accounts.   If you can't login, you can't play.
  9. There shall be no battling for the purpose of intentionally giving the attacked player wins, experience (personal or legion), denarii or copper.
  10. No spamming through the message system.
  11. Play the game the way it was designed to be played. Use the in-game links to navigate yourself around. DO NOT USE REFRESH OR ANYTHING ELSE TO AVOID MAKING THE STANDARD CORRECT CLICKS!! We will NOT be responsible for any errors that occur if you do not play the game the way it was designed and you will face possible jail time. No exceptions.

Chat Rules
  1. Please do not post any HTML or URL's in the game chat area. Please use forums, legion chat, or message system.
  2. No flooding of the game chat area
  3. No excessive use of capitals.
  4. No inappropriate language at all in game chat area
  5. No excessive use of icons.
  6. Please, ENGLISH only in main chat - occasional words or phrases from other languages may be used, but if you wish to converse in other languages, please do so in PM.

*"excessive" will be at game staff's discretion

Violation of any of the above mentioned rules may lead to the offending party / parties being jailed while an investigation is carried out, if found guilty the offending account(s) could face longer jail sentences or even in some cases full account deletion.

Other situations not directly addressed above (in the Rules of Play OR the chat rules) may arise from time to time. In these situations, the game staff will use their discretion and make decisions and such decisions will be adhered to without question.