Ah, Rome, a peaceful city full of life. A far cry from years back when it was war-torn and depressed. The Empress recalled the days when many legions and her elite 13 were needed just to protect it, and sometimes, that wasn't even enough.

The Empress walked slowly amongst her people in Rome, she was most definitely the peoples' Empress. All knew of her and all knew that she would have time for them when they needed her advice.

The day of the current threat was no exception, she had been in the market place talking with the citizens and her generals when a runner appeared looking half dead. She had the citizens take the runner back to the Royal Palace, she would follow and hear the message he carried soon after.

The runner advised her of an uprising in a settlement south of Rome, where a mighty leader had managed to turn some people against the ways of Rome and against the ways of the Empress. This man and his followers now drew close to Rome and would be here within the day, he was coming to take control of Rome and all of its people.

The Empress called upon her remaining Generals to send out runners from Rome to call back the rest of her 13 and also to revive the legions, as they would be needed once again.

The Empress now only needed one last piece of information from the runner, she needed the name of this man who sought to wrestle control of Rome. Her face dropped as he uttered only one word......Caesar!!

The runners left Rome that very day to recall the rest of the 13 as quickly as possible, other runners were dispatched to local villages to spread the word that new legions were needed in Rome. It took many days for the 13 to return to Rome, and by this time Caesar had taken Rome and his army was now in place.

It was now up to the Empress and the 13 to guide the Legions in the coming battle. Many would fight and many would die but in the end they had to bring about...... The Fall Of Caesar!


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